Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Caramelised Onion Marmalade

Caramelised onion is one of many condiments I keep in the fridge.
It keeps well, is a great flavour burst to many dishes & often a saviour to a quick week night meal.
It is also easy to make.
Watch for more dependable condiments to come soon!

I apologise for my 'loose' recipe, cooking for me is much about look, taste and adjust.
don't be shy to do the same with my recipes.

Caramelised onion Marmalade

approx 4 onions* (any type. my fave is Spanish onion for their pretty colour and sweetness)
approx 4 tablespoons of sugar (caster sugar or brown sugar works well)
4 table spoons vinegar (I like to use red wine vinegar..or balsamic but any vinegar will work...even verjuice would be great)
thyme (optional)
1 tablespoon butter

Slice onions
add to pot on stove with butter.
saute until clear
add sugar stir to combine continue stirring until most the sugar has dissolved
add the vinegar cook until reduced to a thick jammy consistency
while still pipping hot fill a clean jam jar, add lid and invert.

This will keep for weeks even after you open it. If your marmalade crystalises at all that is fine, simply heat a little before using.

Add more or less sugar to taste. Likewise with the vinegar :)

NB: * If you would like to make lots of this to bottle it can make a great gift. However onions shrink a lot when cooked so you will need to make at least double the recipe for a couple of jars... Perhaps try making it once first and then go crazy making larger quantities.

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